Luxury Rental Homes and Suites…

Meet the Founder ~ Tammy Jo Long

After a life-threatening event in 2002, Tammy Jo Long took stock of her life as a technology industry executive and decided changes were needed. She quit her lucrative job and invested her life savings in her passion: renovating historic homes. She chose the lovely town of Savannah as her base and got to work restoring aging homes to their former Southern glory.

Tammy Jo has traveled the world and is especially fond of Europe, where staying in private estate homes, manor houses, and castles is considered the norm. When traveling to a new country or city, she always exhausts staying at a unique property with character before she relents to stay at a hotel. As a collector of antiques and art, and an appreciator of fine food and wine, she appreciates the fine furnishings and décor one finds in a private residence as well as receiving inside information on the local jewels of restaurants and shopping that only the locals can share. So Tammy Jo decided to combine her passions for historic restoration and lavish travel into the perfect formula for success: Luxury Living Properties, Inc.

Almost a decade later, Tammy Jo has completed renovations on five grand homes in historic Savannah, won multiple Local, State and National Awards for following the strict preservation guidelines set by the U.S. Department of Natural Resources and built a successful vacation rental business during economic tough times.

Those five homes – the Wedding Cake Collection, the Forsyth Park Collection, the Washington Square Collection, the Jones Street Suites and the Cathedral Inn Suites – comprise Tammy Jo’s successful business Luxury Living Savannah. The grand homes, with their painstaking attention to historic detail, meticulous restoration of architectural features and a nod toward Southern-style luxury living, welcome guests to enjoy the best of Savannah in comfort and elegance.

Tammy Jo then decided to add another vacation experience for guests and started Luxury Living Tybee, which expanded her business to include oceanfront beach houses on nearby Tybee Island.

A self-made woman entrepreneur, Tammy Jo taught herself the basics of renovation, the ins and outs of navigating complex historic home preservation guidelines, and the key to turning visiting guests into repeat customers. Long taught herself the hotel business from reservations to housekeeping.

Today, Luxury Living Properties, Inc. offers the perfect collection of properties and beach houses for romantic getaways, weddings, family reunions, corporate events, graduations, and short-term housing in Historic Savannah or on casual Tybee Island.

Tammy Jo, a Kentucky native, resides in Chicago with her nine year old son, Robby. Robby spends his summers with her in Savannah and on Tybee Island where he works on his southern accent!